Does acupuncture hurt?

  • Susan practices a gentle style of acupuncture that's very comfortable to receive. Most patients either don't feel the needles or they feel only a very slight sensation. 

What is an acupuncture treatment like?

  • Your first visit is 60 minutes long and includes a review your health history, an "acupuncture diagnostic" exam and an acupuncture treatment.
  • Follow-up visits are usually 45 or 60 minutes long.
  • Susan primarily uses acupuncture points below your elbows and knees so all you have to do is remove your shoes and socks, roll up your sleeves and pants and lie down on the table.
  • Susan will then insert needles into carefully chosen acupuncture points that focus on your issues. Now you get to relax while the acupuncture does its work. Most people find themselves very relaxed and sometimes even fall asleep.

How many treatments will I need?

  • This varies from person to person and also depends on many factors such as how long you've had the condition(s) we're treating, lifestyle factors and what other treatments you're currently receiving.
  • Acupuncture gives lasting benefits and its effects are cumulative (each treatment builds on the others). You'll get the most benefit from a regularly scheduled course of treatment.
  • At your first visit, Susan will let you know how many visits and how often she recommends for your particular situation (your initial treatment plan). Her goal is always to get you better as thoroughly and quickly as possible. 

How will I know it's working?

  • Quite simply, you'll feel better. Patients often feel improvement after only one treatment. Some people need 2-4 treatments to begin feeling a difference.
  • Lifestyle factors can either impede or accelerate your progress and Susan will give you recommendations to help you get the most out of the treatments.

Are there any side effects?

  • Acupuncture's most common side effects are bruising around the needle and lightheadedness immediately after the treatment.
  • Acupuncture can lower blood pressure as well as blood sugar, so it's important to come well-hydrated and well-fed (with a snack or light meal). It's also good to bring a snack to eat afterwards.

What are my payment options for acupuncture?

  • I am an in-network provider with Cigna (and out-of-network with all other insurance plans)
  • HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) and Flex Spending Accounts cover acupuncture. 
  • If your insurance covers acupuncture, we'll bill them for you. Please call us with your insurance card in hand and we'll check your benefits.
  • If your insurance doesn't cover, you will receive a "Time of Service" discount. Please call us to find out the details.
  • We accept credit/debit cards as well as cash and checks. 


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