After receiving acupuncture...


...treatments from Susan, I experienced a 90% reduction of pain in my wrist.  During the past few years I had tried a number of different therapies, including other acupuncturists, to reduce the pain associated with a ruptured wrist ligament, but Susan was the only one whose treatments provided effective, lasting results.  In addition to her vast knowledge and skill set, she is also a gifted intuitive healer". 

- Rich Rivkin

After an auto accident...


...I was having pain and stiffness in my back and  neck.  I had been to other practitioners for several months who made a little progress, but it was Susan who got me back feeling better.  After her first  treatment I could feel the difference.  After just a couple treatments I was just about back to normal. I also have a dry mouth condition which Susan has helped with, making a big improvement. She uses a unique, to me, treatment where the needles don't necessarily go  where you have the problem.  For my dry mouth, the needles went in the  back of my head. She probes around to find the points to treat and I  can barely feel the needles. She is a caring person and she really makes the treatment a pleasure". 

- Jim Sweeney

I decided to visit...


...acupuncture procedures because different types of treatment I had done before did not help me at all. Before I became her patient I had suffered from headache, back and knee pain for a long  time. Susan Beck is a very professional doctor, attentive and kind. She is interested in changes and well-being of her patients and tries  different methods for treatment! She has unusual approach to her  patients that I personally consider as a good point. She literally talks with you about all your eating habits in personal in order to deliver an of idea how people should follow patterns of healthy lifestyle and  what we should do on our daily basis in terms of physical activity etc. I did not expect that this procedure will bring me relief very fast, I could already do my Zumba classes after sixth treatments!!" 

- Zhanna Safonkina

Susan takes the time to listen...


...so that she can provide the best possible results for your health. I highly recommend her. I was suffering from very painful aching feet and a very sore knee and was advised by a friend to try acupuncture. I found Susan Beck on yelp with a five star rating. I give her five stars as well. After the very first treatment I experienced relief. I have had seven treatments and I am greatly improved. I plan to continue my treatments to maintain my new ache free life".

 - Martha Puccio

By the time I met Susan...


...I had already received a multitude of acupuncture treatments and considered myself a knowledgeable acupuncture patient. However, Susan’s technique was something I had never experienced before. It felt like my body had magical buttons that turned off pain and produced calm and relaxation, and Susan knew exactly where they were. I had never seen my body respond in this way to any type of health treatment, conventional or alternative. 

Susan’s approach seemed very intuitive, yet, methodical and precise at the same time.  Even if I could not understand how or why it worked, the immediate beneficial effects were apparent. This was the most individualized and comprehensive acupuncture treatment I had ever received."

- Yuliya Gilshteyn

Susan is hands down the BEST


acupuncturist I've ever been to. She has a magic touch and is extremely  knowledgeable. I know I'm always in good hands with her. She’s amazing”. 

- Alexandra Baumrind


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